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How It All Began...

The story of STC... the who, what, when, where, why and how

The first thing that we need to do in this new “blogging” venture is to answer a few questions. Let’s review the who, what, when, where, why and how of Scottsboro Tackle Company. Now we will be able to kick off this blog with everyone (hopefully) understanding the method behind the madness. There is a method…it’s changed and reinvented itself a few times, but I assure you, there is a method.

“What is Scottsboro Tackle Company?”

Scottsboro Tackle Company is a fishing “boutique” if you will. Sorry guys, I know, boutique is a “girly” word, but Scottsboro Tackle Company is a tackle store with a niche, you know ….we carry the necessities, but we also carry the higher end, and harder to find tackle that anglers are looking for. The good stuff that works, but if your wife really knew how much it cost, she would probably send you to the couch for a few weeks. Our vision, when we were designing the layout of the store, was to be the “sexy” tackle store, not the dusty make shift bait store that guys usually revert to, and not the cheesy Wally World stuff that the corporate buyers are pushing… because believe me, they are pushing some junk… Scottsboro Tackle Company has the quality tackle that you can order online, but with us you can pick it up and see it!!

The “when”:

Scottsboro Tackle Company was originally established in February 2013. It started as an idea out of necessity, really. We were spending our weekends driving to Birmingham, Huntsville, and Chattanooga searching for fishing gear that we couldn’t find anywhere on Lake Guntersville.


Why did we open Scottsboro Tackle Company? Beside the previously stated fact that we were driving all over Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee with two small children on the weekends in search of tackle? There is only one word, Addiction. Have you ever known someone addicted to fishing? You know who I am talking about…the kind of person that wakes up in the morning to go fishing before work, and then slips out again right before dark just to get a few more casts in? Then multiply that by 10, and you might have a glimpse of the “fishing addict”. It consumes you, it’s all you think about, “just one more cast”… “I’m leaving in 5 minutes”, it’s not a sport for these guys. It’s a religion. The peace, the quiet, the beauty, and then… the bite!

The “where”:

Scottsboro Tackle Company is located in Downtown Scottsboro, AL on the Courthouse Square. We are NOT on the Lake, and I’ll tell you why… the closer you get to “the Lake” the more expensive the overhead is. The more expensive the overhead is, the more expensive the product is, right? Right! So, in order to keep our prices down and better serve our customers, we chose a location on the square. I know… wait for it… here it comes… where do you park your boat? Why-right along the side of our building is a loading zone where you can pull your boat up, and no one will think a thing about it. However, most anglers that are pulling a boat come up on Friday afternoon, or on the weekend, so the parking is WIDE OPEN. The court house is closed in the afternoon on Friday and all weekend long. Scottsboro Tackle Company is usually one of three downtown businesses open on the weekend. Once you visit you will realize the parking is not an issue.


The last piece of the puzzle is the “who”. Who is Scottsboro Tackle Company? Well, that’s me! We moved to Scottsboro, AL in January of 2011 after my husband took a job here. I was finishing up my BS in Business and in one of my classes; we were required to create a business plan. I created this business model with a tackle store in mind. Week after week we completed sections of the plan, and then at the end there it was a road map of how to get started on a need that we already knew existed.

It wasn’t as easy as it looked on paper though. Did you know that there is not a single place on line, or anywhere else for that matter, where you can go and get a list of ALL the necessary things required to open and maintain your own business? So little by little I did my research, made some calls, applied for the necessary licenses, etc., and started selling tackle out of the back of my car. Yep, you heard me, the back of my car. Who does that? Well me! Ok, stay with me here… first of all I’m new to an area where everyone knows everyone, and I am a girl selling fishing tackle ( predominately a men’s product) at swap meets, pocket tournaments, festivals, etc., out of the back of my car.

I could write a book on the comments I got from men on this alone. I didn’t quit though, I came back week after week, and finally after a few months of this, they would come looking for me. Believe it or not, word started to get around where I would be set up, and they would come to buy from me. I even made deliveries on the lake, right to the boat ramp.

It took about eight months before the inventory had grown to a point where I couldn’t fit it in the back of the car anymore. It was time to start thinking about a store, which I was totally opposed to, but eventually I had to give in. So here we are, Scottsboro Tackle Company. I hope I’ve answered your who, what, when, where, and why questions… stay tuned for more entries soon, and not just from me!! We will have updates from professional anglers, college anglers, local input, etc. Stay tuned there is much more to come from BLOGGIN’ with STC!!