Swimbait Setup...

When fishing a 5" STC Swimbait, Jonathan uses the following setup:

ROD: 7'3" Falcon Cara T7 Amistad

REEL: 6.3:1 Diawa CT Tatula Type R

LINE: Seaguar InvisX 17 - 20 lb test

For a 6" and 7" STC Swimbait, Jonathan uses:

ROD: 7'5" Falcon Cara T7 Super Duty

REEL: 6.3:1 Diawa CT Tatula Type R

LINE: Seaguar InvisX 20 lb test or Sunline Shooter 22 lb test

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Looking for a great guide to help your odds while visiting Lake Guntersville? Check out BassWhacker Guide Service... Here is a little information and a link from their website to get you state.

"Your trip will begin at a pre-determined time, but usually sometime around daylight. No fishing or riding will take place until a full discussion of your expectations and goals takes place. I want you to have the trip you are paying your hard earned money to book. After we have an idea of what we are shooting for, we will start the trip. Each client or set of clients seem to have a complete different agenda as to what they wish to accomplish, some are practicing for tournaments, some for fun, and some for learning certain techniques. I will try my best to give you the trip you want."

Basswhacker Guide Service

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Wired2Fish reviewed what the best Jigheads are to swim your swimbait...

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The story of STC... the who, what, when, where, why and how

The first thing that we need to do in this new “blogging” venture is to answer a few questions. Let’s review the who, what, when, where, why and how of Scottsboro Tackle Company. Now we will be able to kick off this blog with everyone (hopefully) understanding the method behind the madness. There is a method…it’s changed and reinvented itself a few times, but I assure you, there is a method.

“What is Scottsboro Tackle Company?”

Scottsboro Tackle Company is a fishing “boutique” if you will. Sorry guys, I know, boutique is a “girly” word, but Scottsboro Tackle Company is a tackle store with a niche, you know ….we carry the necessities, but we also carry the higher end, and harder to find tackle that anglers are looking for. The good stuff that works, but if your wife really knew how much it cost, she would probably send you to the couch for a few weeks. Our vision, when we were designing the layout of the store, was to be the “sexy” tackle store, not the dusty make shift bait store that guys usually...